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hotline WAS 24 hour confidential hotline
Serving Dickson, Humphreys, Hickman and Perry Counties in TN

If you are in immediate danger call 911.

If you are not in immediate danger but are experiencing abuse from your partner, call us to discuss your situation and how we can help. Remember, abuse is not just physical; it is emotional, too, and we are here to help even if your partner hasnít been physically abusive to you. Please see My Partner is Emotionally Abusive for more information on non-physical abuse.

Calling our hotline is the first step toward taking back control of your life. You donít have to wait until you are ready to leave to give us a call. We are here to support your decisions and help you stay safe no matter what. We can help you identify your options, understand your rights, consider the needs of your children, and link you with many community resources. We understand there are many barriers to escaping abuse and we are here to help you navigate your way to safety and beyond.

Your call will be answered by staff, trained volunteers, or by an answering service who will take a message for the on-call staff to call you back immediately, or if you cannot receive a call back, will patch you through to an advocate.

Some of our advocates are staff and some are trained volunteers. Each has a different experience with domestic violence, either as a survivor, or a friend or relative of a survivor. Some of us have no personal experience but just want to help. We can help you make a safety plan, help you come to our shelter, and help you with an Order of Protection or accompany you to court, if you choose. So please do not hesitate to call our 24 hour confidential hotline.


counseling Individual Counseling
If you are experiencing domestic violence and you would like to talk with a trained advocate about your situation in a safe confidential environment, please give us a call and schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you do not have reliable transportation, let us know and we can make safe arrangements to meet with you in person for an individual counseling session.

These sessions can benefit you in many ways. Your advocate can help you recognize your options, develop a safety plan, work on your personal budget and much more. Let us know what your needs and goals are and we will help you meet them. Remember, you are not to blame. Being abused is not your fault and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please call our 24 hour confidential hotline to schedule your counseling session. The number is 1-800-470-1117.


Court Advocacy
court advocacy If you are experiencing domestic violence and you live in Dickson, Hickman, Humphreys or Perry County, Women Are Safe is here to help. Even if you donít live in one of our four service area counties, we can refer you to the program that serves the county you live in. Here is a complete listing of TN Domestic Violence Programs by county.

We understand your situation is complex and may involve child custody, court appearances, and legal forms. For example, if you are afraid of being beaten by an abusive partner, you may want to consider getting an Order of Protection. Did you know you can get an Order of Protection for many different reasons? Did you know an Order of Protection is different from Bond Conditions? Do you know your rights and options?

Our Court Advocates can explain your rights and options to you for free! While we do not offer legal advice, we can help you apply for an Order of Protection if you choose. We understand court can be intimidating. You may never have been to court before. Once you arrive you may not know where to go. Thatís OK. We can help explain the court process and accompany you to court if you would like.

We can help you navigate the system and get in touch with the Victim Witness Coordinator and the District Attorney if needed. Our Court Advocates are here to help you every step of the way. All you need to do is give us a call on our 24 hour confidential hotline 1-800-470-1117.

You have the right to live a life free from abuse. You deserve a life free from abuse and so do your children. Being abused is NOT your fault!


shelter Shelter
Our goal is to provide temporary emergency shelter to women and their dependent children who currently reside in Dickson, Hickman, Humphreys and Perry counties and need a safe place due to domestic violence. If you are an adult male experiencing domestic violence we will make other shelter provisions for you. If you live in another county we will refer you to the program that serves your county. Here is a
complete list of the domestic violence shelters by county.


A safe, confidential call to our hotline 1-800-470-1117 will put you in touch with one of our advocates who will help you make your plan and discuss your options with you. Before coming to shelter, it is a good idea to have a safety plan and to collect a few important belongings including your and your childrenís photo IDs and Social Security cards. However, we also understand you may not have time to make a plan or access your important records. You can leave without those items if necessary. We are aware there may be many barriers that make it hard for you to leave. We can help you overcome or work around those difficulties. If you are a victim of domestic violence, shelter is only a phone call away.

We provide household necessities to our residents including food, clothing, personal care items, and cleaning supplies. These items are typically donated from our community supporters and are always free to shelter residents.

While in shelter, families may chose to participate in support group. We facilitate a womenís group and a separate childrenís group. Both groups are centered around healthy ways of coping with domestic violence and its effects on our lives. Participation in support group is voluntary.

If you are in need of a safe place due to domestic violence, please call our 24 hour confidential hotline 1-800-470-1117 to discuss your options with one of our advocates.


support group Support Group
If you are experiencing domestic violence and would like to attend a weekly support group centered around healthy coping skills and the effects of domestic violence on our lives, please call our confidential hotline for more information, 1-800-470-1117. Your children are welcome to attend the Childrenís Group with our Youth Program Coordinator or a trained volunteer while you attend the Womenís Group.

Support Group is facilitated by trained advocates, however, we are not licensed therapists. The goal of these groups is to provide you with a chance to learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, the impact it has on your daily life, and to learn healthy coping skills.

Survivors from all walks of life attend our support groups, demonstrating the fact that domestic violence does not discriminate. One in four women will be a victim during her lifetime. Together we can become survivors. Please join us!

Support Group is held in a confidential location so give us a call for more information. Our 24 hour hotline is 1-800-470-1117.


referrals Referrals
If you feel isolated and trapped there are many community resources, both public and private, that can help you take steps to escape the abuse in your life. Women Are Safe, Inc. can help link you with valuable resources you might not even know are out there.

Even if you donít live in one of the counties we serve, we can offer referrals to agencies and programs all over the state of TN. Please donít hesitate to give us a call. We are here to serve YOU. If we do not offer what you need, we can help you find someone who does. So take advantage of our 24 hour confidential hotline and give us a call at 1-800-740-1117.

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